Saturday, March 12, 2011

Testing BlogPress

One of the things I want to be able to do is to be able to write blog posts on my iPad. However Google's iPad app doesn't play well with Safari. So I'm trying out BlogPress. I'm sure it works better with Android tablets!

Which may be in my future. Don't get me wrong--the iPad is great. But I would much rather have Chrome as my browser. And really--not having flash is a problem. Too often I come across videos I want to view but cannot.

Back to BlogPress--setting up and signing into my blogger account was quick and easy. And text is a breeze, as would be expected. HTML is limited, with hyperlinks, bold, italics, block quote, and some font choices. No WYSIWYG, so the program just adds the HTML tags.

I can also add pictures either from Picasa or from the iPad.

Here's one I have on Picasa:

And here's one from my iPad:

From the lighthouse at the south end of Beaver Island.

I can only add the picture, though. No formatting.

One thing I can do, though, is save the posting as a draft online and then tweak formatting when on my computer. Which I will do. But I shouldn't have to.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


Bekah said...

I wanna see more Beaver Island pictures!

Iggy O said...

As much as I worship my Mac OS computers, the closed-loop iPad is not thrilling me. I got a free one as part of our emerging-tech group. I like it fine, and didn't find the Android tablet as clever with its interface.

But I love I hope Android will improve. As long as it's not from Micro$oft, I'll try most anything :D

Dan Holt said...

I really like my iPad for casual browsing, games, writing. And I like reading ebooks (and student portfolios) on it.

But--heavy duty work with writing, web pages, images--it's not there yet.

When an Android tablet comes along that works decently and has full integration with Chrome and Google docs--and doesn't cost as much as an iPad--I might bite. But after watching my wife struggle with an Android phone--it may be a while!